A smile isn't just a movement of the mouth. It’s not a pulled back lip and a set of bright shining teeth. When someone smiles, I mean really smiles, their whole being lights up. Joy radiates through every pore in their body and infectious happiness becomes the space around them. This wonder of nature we call smiling brings the colors of love onto the canvas of life.

The Big Smiles' mission is to put passion and youthfulness back into the little hands of underprivileged children. We are dedicated to sparking that wondrous light inside children who might feel lost in the dark.

A smile isn't just a smile. A smile is self-expression. It is an explosion of happiness and a point of connection with loved ones. A smile is the shadow of growth and the memory of peace. As a group of passionate volunteers, we recognize the power of big smiles and we commit our lives to creating more of them.


The Big Smiles Program operates in support of the Chase Foundation, whose primary purpose is to provide the financial support to keep Child Life Programs funded. We provide consistent paint sessions in conjunction with the Chase Child Life Program.

The Big Smiles Team wheels canvases, paints, brushes, squeegees, stamps, stickers and much more into children’s hospitals in LA. We give the children complete control of their painting experience and guide them (when prompted) in their self-expression.  Paint flies, big smiles are exchanged, and happiness is shared.